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This is a collection of portfolio posts.

Goop Game

In this assignment me and a classmate wondered what would happen if you mix lemmings with breakout, and shooting, or rackets, and.. I don’t know what. The result was this prototype. Objective: don’t let the ghostly goops get to you… Read More »Goop Game

Robot Textured in Substance Painter

Texturing a robot

Model (gotten from elsewhere) textured in Substance Painter. Textured to look like a Swedish SWAT robot/humanoid/cybernetic organism from the future.

Tunnel shooter

Another assignment in the programming course for Unity. We got to make whatever we wanted so I went for a classic tunnel shooter. Controlled by an Xbox controller. Auto generated levels (the placements of the blocks and enemies) Spawn points… Read More »Tunnel shooter

Twit Pic Painter

A project made in Processing (Java). Fetches pictures from Twitter using their API, and paints them on screen using a circular brush that decreases in size over time, giving the painting more detail. Sounds are being generated by simple synthesizers… Read More »Twit Pic Painter