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About Me


I am a computer science and tech nerd with a love for music and a fascination for the interplay between humans and technology.

XR Development

The latest addition to my educational background is XR development. Having studied academia for some time I wanted to complement those more theoretical studies with something more hands-on. In 2021 I graduated after two years of vocational training. Using primarily Unity, Visual Studio, FMOD and Maya we covered real-time engines, programming in C#, spatial audio, 3D modelling, animation, storytelling, interfaces and much more.

Computer Science

Between 2017 – 2018 I was enrolled in a Masters program in Computer Science. I studied Infosec, Systems Theory, Data mining, ERP Systems, Digital business and more.

Digital Media

For three years I studied Digital Media at the university as a bachelor. An interdisciplinary program covering computer science, media communications and pedagogical methods. It covered Images, Audio, Video, Object oriented programming (Java), Human computer interaction, PR, Learning in digital spaces, Gamification and much much more. Did my thesis on experiencing presence in binaural audio.

Audio Engineering

Having had dreams of becoming a music producer as a teenager I studied Audio engineering at SAE to learn the audio craft. Recording, mixing, hardware gear, MIDI, psychoacoustics etc. One of the best things I have ever done.

Network Administration

Back in the day I studied Network administration with Windows NT4. NT4 is obsolete since a long time ago, but the base knowledge about network layers, the OSI model and many more things are still useful. Having descent knowledge about networks is really beneficial in the networked world we live in today.

Electronics Engineering

In high school electronics was my thing. Knowing basic electronics and how to solder will never go out of style – it is always useful. In todays DIY and maker culture there are many kits and projects you can build where these skills come in very handy.