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Goop Game

In this assignment me and a classmate wondered what would happen if you mix lemmings with breakout, and shooting, or rackets, and.. I don’t know what. The result was this prototype. Objective: don’t let the ghostly goops get to you… Read More »Goop Game

Tunnel shooter

Another assignment in the programming course for Unity. We got to make whatever we wanted so I went for a classic tunnel shooter. Controlled by an Xbox controller. Auto generated levels (the placements of the blocks and enemies) Spawn points… Read More »Tunnel shooter

Event City

Just some tests in Unity. Triggering events from a GUI. Managed to get a pretty cool transition of the helicopter audio (samples from when changing to and from the helicopter view.

Roller Ball

This is what can happen when you tell a bunch of students who have never used Unity before to make a game. During the course in agile project methodologies we were given the assignment to make a game where you… Read More »Roller Ball

Twit Pic Painter

A project made in Processing (Java). Fetches pictures from Twitter using their API, and paints them on screen using a circular brush that decreases in size over time, giving the painting more detail. Sounds are being generated by simple synthesizers… Read More »Twit Pic Painter