About me

So, who am I?
Well that's a hard one to answer, but here's some hastily put together information about my background at least.

The educated part of me:
  • Currently working on my bachelor's thesis in binaural audio immersion.
    • My bachelor's degree is (will be) in computer science and digital media. This includes:
      • OOSAD
      • OOP
      • HCI
      • Evaluation methods
      • Transmedia
      • Digital media production
      • App development
      • Media communications
      • Situated learning theory
      • and more...
  • I have an audio engineering diploma from SAE.
  • I have studied network administration with Windows NT.
  • I have a high school background in electronics.

Work related things:
  • Worked as production manager for manufacturing of wireless network equipment.
  • Edited a popular audio book.
  • Worked as a service technician at different companies.
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